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THE Amazing Drone

The word drone can conjure up several images - the drone of the hive whose only function is to mate with the Queen – if not required for this purpose they are short lived and thus cease to drone on. Then there is the drone of the party who does drone on and is a perfect bore. Yet another, the drone that is a sophisticated piece of equipment which is multifunctional - used to carry bombs, equipment for surveillance, aerial photography... It is the drone that is used for aerial photography  which I think is THE amazing drone.

Grant Morrell is a keen photographer. In recent times he has started adding drone photography to his repertoire of camera skills. Several photographs taken using the drone have been published in the Wairarapa Times Age. They give a completely different perspective to the landscape. I have never seen our property from the air. So Grant, whose wife Lynn works with me on our vineyard, offered to come down recently and provide me with a bird’s eye view courtesy of his drone. It is on our face book page for you to see as well.

This photograph shows our property looking from Kitchener Street. The old house we lived in is on the left. The next set of buildings contain the winery, barrel hall, wine sales area, kitchen and toilet. The café area is visible.  Our new home (although not so new now we have been living in it for over two years) is the lemon-wash building to the back right. So that is The Cabbage Tree Vineyard; all 1.7h of it. Thanks Grant!

Currently the activity in the vineyard is pruning. I am doing the main cuts while Lynn does the wrapping around and tying down of the canes. Pleasant outdoor work; we only work in fine weather. AND we have had some nice days between the gales, sleet, hail, rain…such extraordinarily unsettled weather patterns. We have had few of the hard frosts followed by gorgeous days which always used to be the hallmark of a Wairarapa winter. However we have had enough frost to kill off the bugs prior to pruning starting.



Pruning is my favourite vineyard activity because it requires you to think two years ahead - firstly about which canes you are going to select for the fruiting canes for the coming year and secondly, the spurs which will become the fruiting cane for the year that follows.

Our 2009 Pinot Noir is nearly sold out - a gorgeous wine. The 2010 is ready for release. The just released Merlot 2010 is drinking superbly. A velvety, rich wine with concentrated blackcurrant, red berries , herb and spice flavours. Any of these wines are perfect food matches for anything from pizzas to lamb to beef to venison…a Japanese sommelier was telling us recently that our Pinot Noir would go with just about any Japanese cuisine we wished to name!

Sunday 26th of July 2015

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