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Customer Testimonials

Below are a number of reviews and testimonials from our customers:

Roger, 28th July 2015

"Lovely people. Tonight I shared a bottle of your 2001 Merlot with some dear friends. The cork slid out, it decanted beautifully and it was, to put it mildly a delightful accompaniment to an equally lovely venison casserole. Thank-you."

Karen, 26th May 2014

"The wine is fantastic and takes me back to the lovely lunch we had at your wonderful winery."

John, 29th April 2014

"Please send us a further 12 bottles of your excellent 2009 Pinot Noir"

Don & Cheryl, 10th February 2014

"A number of years ago we purchased two Merlots and a Pinot Noir years 2003 and 2004. We have opened the 2003 Merlot and it was fantastic and tonight we are drinking the Pinot 2004, which I am sure you are well aware is fantastic. I am not a great Pinot drinker but with your wine I could be changed. We truly thank you for a fantastic wine."

Cuisine Wine Country, 14th April 2009

"The Cabbage Tree Vineyard is a gem. There is no concrete and glass, no shining, stainless-steel vats and no manicured gardens. Just a small,
carefully tended vineyard, a warm welcome and wines that are sold mostly through the cellar door."

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