Christmas with 100+100+100

Christmas = 100+100+100 =Yummy

Hmmm. What connection could this equation possibly have with Christmas? Well it is all to do with food. More specifically, shortbread. This tasty, buttery biscuit is said to have a history going back to the 12th century. Apparently refinements were made to the biscuit by Mary Queen of Scots and thus began the long association that shortbread has to this day with Scotland. Ingredients were expensive. Only special occasions justified it being made. Christmas was and remains one of these special occasions.

Well Mary Queen of Scots wasn’t the only person to adapt this lovely biscuit. If you leave out the sugar and substitute parmesan cheese you can make a particularly tasty savoury shortbread biscuit. One recipe I was given adds chopped olives. It is particularly tasty with any red or white wines (or any other drink for that matter) you might serve before dinner. I know they are totally delicious with all The Cabbage Tree Vineyard Wines!

The 100+100+100 refers to the three main ingredients and quantities for this recipe because I had to memorise them; I did not have a pen and paper at the time it was given to me. I thought you might like this recipe for an easy, tasty accompaniment for pre-dinner drinks as Christmas approaches.


Parmesan Shortbread with Olives

100g butter (I use good quality butter for shortbread; Lewis Road -Shortbread is expensive!)

100g flour

100g finely grated parmesan cheese (actually 75g is enough)

¼ cup chopped black olives (I use Kalamata)

  • Soften the butter (do not melt)
  • Mix in the flour and grated cheese
  • Add the chopped olives
  • Roll out the mixture to ¼ “ thickness – if the mixture is too soft rest in the fridge until you can work it.
  • Use a cookie cutter or knife to cut the shapes you want-makes 20-30.
  • Bake at 200c for 2-3’ then reduce to 180c for 10-12’until a lightly golden brown –WATCH as can easily brown too much.
  • Leave on tray for 1-2’ then lift carefully onto a wire rack to cool completely.

If you have savoury shortbread biscuits left over they freeze well.   

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

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